Where the Wild Things Aren’t.

I’ve been doing wonderful.

I feel comfortable in a new place, with new people, who are soon becoming like old friends. I work about 18 hours a week which keeps me funded and my time occupied. My heart still yearns but is under control. My lungs no longer take off running unless I give them my permission. My mind remains within the pasture I’ve allowed it to wander. There’s a fence up, it keeps out “The Wild Things.”

“The Wild Things” are rebellious thoughts I might have to run away. Because if I leave my current situation, all of my problems would then be fixed, right? “The Wild Things” are other wayward thoughts that might try to weasel their way in. “What kind of thoughts are wayward thoughts?” you might ask. Just look it up.”The Wild Things” are sloth, to get nothing done and just waste away, or gluttony, and just drown out my issues in ice cream.

Actually, my fence has been expanding. I don’t take it down and wander free, but I’ve grown in what kind of things I find myself capable of doing. I find that I can spend more time isolated, without talking to people and be just fine. I also find myself in prayer more and have honest conversation with God. Every night this week I’ve put aside time to observe The Saint Ignatius Prayer. My heart feels more full, and less strained. I only hope my fences stay strong and forever expanding. The fences keep “The Wild Things” out.

The fences surround my thoughts and I have control over what’s inside. When they expand, I’m expanding, giving myself more power, trust, and potential to explore all within healthy limits. I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m better. And that’s all I can ask for, when I stay where “The Wild Things” aren’t.


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